Curry On

7 of the Best Places for Curry

Curry is a dish made with different spices and herbs. It is also typically prepared with chilis or hot peppers adding to the uniqueness and complexity of flavors that goes in every bite. While it traces its roots in India, there are many countries around the world that are also known for their delicious curry dishes. If you are a fan of the dish, here are some of the best places for great-tasting curries – in alphabetical order).

Britain has thousands of Indian restaurants and curry has long been a fixture of the British food scene. So it is hardly surprising that you will find some of the most delicious curries outside India in the country. Apart from traditional Indian curry, you can take your pick of mouthwatering British versions of the dish.

Indian curry
India is Mecca for curry lovers. The birthplace of curry boasts not just the authentic version of the dish but also of the most glorious variations. Some of the best places to visit for curry in the country include Gujarat, Kerala, Rajasthan, and Tamil Nadu among others.

Indonesia has its own different takes on curry. But rendang is easily the most popular of them all. It is extremely spicy and usually made with meat and vegetables.

curry goat
Despite all that sand and sea Jamaica is also famously known for, its top curry dish is not even made out of seafood. Instead, its curried goat is hands down the country’s most popular curry dish.

Japanese curry rice
Kare raisu, or curry rice, is Japan’s version of the dish. As the name suggests, it is often served with rice and some type of pickled vegetable.

Malaysian curry
Malaysia has a treasure trove of different types of curries. You only have to travel to another state to find another unique take on the dish. But despite the differences, you will find some common ingredients that include coconut milk and chili peppers.

Thai Curry
Thai cuisine has always been among the most diverse and delicious in the world. And it has its own share of delightful curry dishes. Massaman is a Thai curry that you can easily find across the country. It is usually made with fish, meat, or vegetables. It is a spicy dish thanks to the special paste used in preparing the sauce.

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