7 Miter Saw Tips You Should Be Aware Of


Safely design your Asian home with one of the greatest miter saw picks of all time! But first, read the following tips that will help you maximize the power of your saw.

Transport the saw by the base

These saws are bulky and hefty, which means they’re inconvenient to carry. While most saws have handles, it’s rather best to bring a miter saw by the base. Doing so won’t put much strain on your back and the sides of your leg.

Use a sacrificial fence


Cutting small parts? Prevent them from rocketing across the room with a sacrificial fence. You can either create a two-piece fence or use a scrap board to back up the tiny cut-offs. Don’t forget to hold your miter saw down at the end of the cut and wait for the blade to stop completely.

Make use of stop blocks

For repeat cuts, screw two wood blocks to your reliable miter saw stand. These blocks will serve as a stop for repeated cutting. Remember to fix the lower block back around one-half inch so that in case wood chips or sawdust stack up against it, the debris won’t change the cutting length.

Don’t ever cross your arms


Under no circumstance should you use your right hand to run a miter saw when you’re holding a material down with your left hand or vice versa. It may be tempting to do so, and a situation may seem like it demands you to do so. When this happens, operate your saw using your left hand and use your right to hold down the material. It’s an awkward thing for right-hand users, but it’s a safety tip you shouldn’t ignore.

Label danger zones

Use a red marker to mark the bed and fence areas of your saw to help you remember that you should keep your hands off from those zones. Draw the lines seven inches from 10-inch blades and eight inches from 12-inch blades.

Examine the throat plate

miter-saw-hitachiMany throat plates are prearranged a little below the miter saw’s table. Don’t forget to check them. The throat plate should always be aligned with the table to decrease tear-out and keep a thin block from curving as it’s being cut. If the throat plate is too low, take it out from the saw and wedge it by placing tape on the ledge beneath the throat plate.

Wear earmuffs

Earmuffs or other hearing protection should always be worn when using a miter saw. This saw is loud and could damage the ears unless they’re protected. I’m sure losing your sense of hearing is something you’d never want to experience, so don’t ignore this tip.

Wait for the blade to come to a stop before you lift the saw up.

Don’t rush! Lifting the saw while the blade is still running is a dangerous stunt.

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