Month: January 2018

Traveling with an Inverter Generator

Aside from the delicious food, soft and hard drinks, DSLR camera, extra clothes, and good music, your road trip and travels need one more thing: an inverter generator. Here are the reasons why you need to take one with you:

Inverter units provide clean energy

When you’re about to travel, it’s normal to worry about the energy source especially if you’re going on a road trip. Well, now you don’t have to worry because the answer is here. Inverters, like the ones found in, supply clean power that enables you to power up even the most sensitive devices you have such as your phone, tablet, laptop, and game console. It could also charge up a power tool, kitchen appliance, printer, and DVD player. That’s because inverters release clean power with pure sine waves. With them, you can say goodbye to voltage fluctuation and the possibility of getting your electronics damaged.

Inverter generators are portable

honda inverter generator

These small and light devices weigh around 30-50 pounds only, making them comfortable to handle, transport, and store! You can take one or two when you camp, hike, travel by road, or travel by boat! Inverters are your portable sources of energy. They fit in your car and any other vehicle with ease. In addition, most inverter generators come with wheels, which means even the children and elderly can deal with them. The convenience they have makes them beneficial to bring anywhere you go.

Inverters are quiet

subaru-inverter-generatorCompared to standard generators, inverters are quiet—allowing you and your friends to converse with a normal voice. Inverters don’t produce a loud hum, which means your neighbors and other people in the area won’t be disturbed as you charge your laptop or any other device. That means no more awkward shouting to a friend too! Inverters are made with a sound-reducing enclosure which lessens the amount of noise they make as they’re being used. Most models run at 50-60 decibels, which is like the sound you hear when you’re running a car. No wonder they’re the best choice for food trucks!

Inverters allow parallel operation


inverter generators parallel operation

If you think one generator is not enough, you can always connect two identical inverter generators to double the power. Through the parallel operation, you can power up two appliances at the same time, like your laptop and your phone. This is perfect when you go camping or boating as that means you can power up your outdoor grill and your speakers simultaneously for a perfect outdoor party. Compared to one standard generator, two inverters are still quieter and easier to carry, making them the ideal travel companions no matter where you’re headed.